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Sorry, Lantern Cat has sold (10/31/12)
One lonely little Lantern Cat left after the Fall shows. He carries his own little mousie lantern, stands atop a grinning jack o' lantern, and the whole creation rests atop a decorated candy box. 10.5" tall overall
special price $145 includes shipping and insurance...Happy Hallowe'en

"Raggedy Trick-or-Treat Friends"    7" tall     $125  Sorry, this item is sold
Our dear old rag doll was so exhausted on Hallowe'en night. When the scarecrow happened upon her, he swept her in his arms and helped her complete her trick-or-treat journey!

"Lantern Cat"   8.75" tall    $130  Sorry, this item is sold
With the aid of not one, but two lanterns, this little fella surely will not lose his way on Hallowe'en night. 
Note mouse  motif on his hand held lantern. 

"Witch and Naughty Kitten"  9.25" tall, overall   $135   Sorry, this item is sold
He knocked over a whole row of glass vials on the witch's shelf and I thought she would swat him with her broom. Silly me... she only broke out in cackling laughter, instead!

"Circe's Magic Potion"    7.75" tall at highest point     $140   Sorry, this item is sold
From an ancint Greek myth- Beware Circe's potion at Hallowe'en time. One little sip swallowed will turn you into a pig! Pig is circa 1930 celluloid with added base (w/wheels), party hat, and neck ruff.

"Black Cat Ornament"   5" tall   $25   Sorry,  this item is sold
Sculpted black cat face on paper and tulle ornament.  Perfect for your Hallowe'en feather tree or confound the friends and family and leave out all year!
Ribbon loop on back will accomodate an ornament hook

"Jack o" Lantern Ornament"   3.75" tall    $22   Sorry, this item is sold
OOAK sculpt jol on paper ornament. In less tradional browns with copper colored glitter. Fun for the Hallowe'en feather tree and can be left out for Thanksgiving.
Ribbon loop on back will accomodate an ornament hook


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